In these terms & conditions:

  • “You" refers to the Renter.

  • “RentNRave Limited" refers to RentNRave Limited.

  • "Product" refers to clothing offered for rental on www.rentnrave.nz.

  • "Contract" refers to your rental order of a product or products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, which we accept in accordance with all rental charges.


  • We are RentNRave Limited located in Auckland, New Zealand - trading as RentNRave.

  • You, the Renter, are entering into a Contract with RentNRave Limited for the rental of our products.

  • These are the Terms & Conditions of the Contract. These and all relevant written correspondence relating to specific terms & conditions about the Contract, form the entire Contract between you and RentNRave Limited. Any other terms & conditions that you use yourself, do not apply. 

  • These terms & conditions can only be adjusted upon agreement by you and RentNRave Limited and the adjustments are put in writing by RentNRave Limited.


  • The rental period starts when the products are shipped. The rental period ends when everything you have rented, is returned within acceptable conditions.

  • The Return Date is the date rentals must arrive back in our PO Box. Please refer to the following for the expected Return Dates.

    • Return Dates

      • If the Event Date is a Monday the Return Date is Wednesday.

      • If the Event Date is a Tuesday the Return Date is Thursday.

      • If the Event Date is a Wednesday the Return Date is Friday.

      • If the Event Date is a Thursday the Return Date is the following Monday.

      • If the Event Date is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday the Return Date is the following Tuesday.

    • Public Holidays

      • Please add 1 business day to the expected return date if a public holiday falls between the event and return dates.

  • There is no additional charge required in the form of security deposit if transaction is made using Credit/Debit card. However, should there be anything else owed to us (e.g. extension of hire period, late returns, etc.), RentNRave Limited reserves the right to charge the Renter via his/her credit/debit card.

  • You may not alter or modify the products in any way, including hemming alteration, size alteration, ironing, or cleaning.

  • If the products are held beyond the agreed Period of Rent, they remain in your possession without our consent. We will charge you NZD25 per day for this as well as for any damages for breach of this Contract if this causes loss to RentNRave Limited.

  • If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period, the Renter must inform RentNRave Limited in advance and will be charged a daily fee prorated against the total rental fee of your rental.

  • You cannot let anyone else wear the products.

  • You cannot take our products outside New Zealand.

  • You may not arrange cleaning yourself unless we have agreed this in writing.

  • RentNRave Limited will use our best efforts to ensure the products are provided clean and in a wearable condition. The Renter must notify us of any damage or discrepancy (including but not limited to sizing and fit issues) within 12 hours of receiving the products. Failure to notify us within that time period means that you have accepted the products in the quantity, quality and condition in which they were received.

  • The products remain the property of RentNRave Limited at all times and the Renter has no right or interest in them. If the products are sold to the Renter by written agreement, title passes from RentNRave Limited to the Renter when the purchase price and all monies owing by the Renter to RentNRave Limited in relation to the products being purchased are paid in full.

  • If there are any changes to delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings, RentNRave Limited must be notified at least 24 hours before the original delivery and/or return date. For Monday deliveries, the Renter must inform RentNRave Limited of any changes by Friday 6PM. If RentNRave Limited is not informed before the cut off time, the charges for last minute changes is as per below:

    Unable to return the rental on the original return date: NZD25 per day

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • Cancellations of Contract with notice given at least 72 hours before the delivery date will be issued a full refund. The refund will appear in your account in 5 to 10 business days.

  • Cancellations of Contract with notice given less than 72 hours before the delivery date will not be issued a credit refund.