international Rentnrave PROMOTIONS agreement


Thank you for choosing RentNRave attire for your overseas Festival event.

We are pleased to offer you our rentals at special discounted rates under the following terms of agreement:-

  1. You are following RentNRave on both socials (Instagram and Facebook ).

  2. You email good quality images, wearing the RentNRave rentals, to during and/or immediately following the event (within 3 days).

  3. You post a minimum of 2 posts (1 story and 1 main post) and tag RentNRave, for each rental.

  4. You agree to return the rental(s) to RentNRave in the prepaid postal bag supplied, on the first business day following your arrival back in New Zealand.

  5. RentNRave have the right to charge the full rental rate if points 1 to 4 above are not met.

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I agree to pay RentNRave the difference between the full and discounted rental rate(s) if I do not fulfill the agreement. *
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