Rentnrave ambassador CONTRACT


Congratulations on being selected as an ambassador for Rent⚡Rave! Below are all your perks you will receive, based on a few Terms and Conditions! Please read all terms before agreeing.

This contract will run on a 3 month basis from June - end of August 2019. At the end of this trial your contract may be extended or concluded - a discussion will follow prior to this near the end of the contract time. If there are any issues please email us at with your queries before signing.

P E R K S:

  • You will receive 1X FREE rental per month*.

  • 50%* Discount Code for yourself!

  • 10%* Discount Code to share with your followers and friends!

  • First dibs/insight for our all of new rental releases! You’ll get first hand exclusive access to all our new rentals we launch! We aim to launch new rentals every month.

  • Photoshoot Opportunities - with upcoming launches we will need a few models for our shoots. We will look to our ambassador for this when needed!

  • Giveaway Opportunities - we may ask our ambassadors if they would like to host a collaborated giveaway - these will also boost engagement and growth in your socials!

  • Opportunities to be involved in exclusive launch/VIP event parties in the near future. We are always down to party, and especially love to be involved in organising the ultimate events for our Ambassadors with great collaborating festivals!

    *All perks are open to negotiation if your ambassador codes are frequently used by your friends and followers! The more you help us, the more we will reward you! ♡

A G R E E M E N T:

  • Please make sure you like and follow us on our socials (Instagram and Facebook) handle: Rentnrave

  • Must add “RentNRave Ambassador (and your promotional code) in instagram bio.

  • As our ambassadors we will look to you to help us create content! When you take photos in our rentals, please be sure to tag us and email them to us to repost and promote you!

  • You MUST stay exclusive to RentNRave. This means you cannot promote another festival rental company.

  • You MUST post a promotion post for us 3 times a month minimum (1X story and 1X post min + a third type of post of your choice) on Instagram.

  • DO NOT share your personal ambassador discount code, this is only exclusive to you. But don’t stress, you will be provided with a seperate code for your friends and followers! Commission is also open to negotiation.

  • All standard rental Terms and Conditions still apply to all ambassadors. You can find these on our website for more info!

Once you have read, agreed to and signed this contract below, we will be in contact with more info containing your promotional codes and how you will receive your free monthly rentals. Please note: if any rules above are broken or unfulfilled, RentNRave will terminate contract immediately.

We look forward to working with you and growing the RentNRave brand together! All the love,

The Rent⚡Rave Team

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